Healthcare Services in Sikar

The Department of Medical, Health and Family Welfare of Rajasthan aids in maintaining and improving the health of people of Sikar. It has the following administrative and health services office: State Head Quarter at Jaipur, Seven Joint Director  or Zone offices, 34 District CM and HO offices, 249 Block CMO offices, 551 CHCs, 2066 PHCs 2066 and 13227 SHC.

Health Services in Sikar

Online Health Management in Sikar

The Department of Medical, Health and Family Welfare of Rajasthan provides online, computerized health management to Sikar. It is a cost effective and reliable method to monitor, plan and manage the health service of Sikar in a better way. The various projects under the Health Management Information System are:

Pregnancy, Child Tracking and Health Services Management System (PCTS)
The address of the website is The National Informatics Centre of Rajasthan has developed this website. It is used to track and monitor the health services provide to pregnant women and children. About 13000 units are using this website on a regular monthly basis. 

Rajasthan Janani Shishu Suraksha Yojna (RJSSY)
The address of website is This system is also developed by the National Informatics Centre of Rajasthan. It is used to monitor the services delivered to the beneficiaries under the RJSSY. About 1700 units are using this website on regular basis.

Mukhya Mantri Jeevan Raksha Kosh (MMJRK)
The address of the website is This system is also developed by the National Informatics Centre of Rajasthan. It is used to monitor the services provided under the MMJRK scheme. Nearly 400 units are using this on regular basis.

Monitoring System for PCPNDT
The address of the website is This system is also developed by the National Informatics Centre of Rajasthan It is used to monitor the form-A, form-F and tracking devices used in sonography machine that are used in the registered sonography centres. It generates various graphical and analytical reports. Nearly 1400 units are using this website on regular basis.

Arogya Online Project
An initiative by the Government of Rajasthan to computerize the Hospitals in the state in order to improve the patient care. ‘Arogya Online’ or e-Health is the computerized management system of health information. It is aimed at delivering safer, efficient and quality health care services to the people of Sikar and other areas of Rajathan. e-Health includes many innovative methods and tools to make the health systems dynamic, new technologies to prevent the diseases, provide safety and quality to the patients, provide more reliable diagnosis and treatment of diseases by increasing the co-ordination among various health system and using the resources efficiently. 

‘Arogya Online’ is used to perform admissions, investigation billing, bed management, pharmacy management, transfers to other hospitals and many other complicated tasks of the hospitals. Shri Kalyan Hospital, covered under this project has 300 beds. It was launched on 03 April, 2012. The support engineer in this hospital is Ramkishan, and his contact number is 9783667426.

Health Officers in Sikar

The contact details of various health officers of Department of Medical, Health and Family Welfare, Rajasthan, who operate in Sikar are:

Chief Medical and Health Officer
Dr.B.L. Saini
Mobile: 9414260386
Office: 1572-270446
Fax: 270446
Email: [email protected]

District Programme Management Unit (DPMU)
Mr Prakash Gehlot
Designation: DPM
Mobile: 9414033211

Mr Dheeraj Bhargava
Designation: DAM 
Mobile: 9314845800

Mr Aziz Mohammad Syed
Designation: DM&EO
Mobile: 9414800133

Office: 01572-248339, 254057
Email: [email protected] or [email protected] 

Principal Medical Officer
Dr. S.K.Sharma
Mobile: 9414036603
Office: 1572-251093
Fax: 251093
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Chief Medical & Health Officer (Health)
Dr.Ashok kumar Maharia
Mobile: 9829219111
Office: 01572270446
Email: [email protected]

Dy Chief Medical & Health Officer (F.W.)
Dr. Laxman Singh
Mobile: 9413644714
Office: 01572270446
Email: [email protected]

Reproductive & Child Health Officer (RCHO)
Dr. C.P.Ola
Mobile: 7737490048, 93139811251
Office: 01572-253928
Email: [email protected]

District Data Managers (IDSP)
Sh. Shriram Kanoongo
Mobile: 9887159452
Email: [email protected]

District PCPNDT- Coordinator
Mobile: 9413272162
Email: [email protected]

District Asha Co-Ordinator
Mr. Keshar Dav Pareek
Mobile: 9314286320
Office: 0157-2254057
Email: [email protected]

District IEC Coordinator
Anukriti Adoliya
Mobile: 9024193549
Email: [email protected]

Health Manager
S.K. Hospital
Yatendra Kumar Sharma    
Mobile: 9887676365
Email: [email protected]

Safe Childbirth Checklist Program

Safe Childbirth Checklist is in use in Sikar.  This has led to a remarkable increase in the quality of health care services for mother and newborn. The Safe Childbirth Checklist (SCC) program is assisted by Jhpiego, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University. The funds for the program are provided by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). The Safe Childbirth Checklist has 29 items of essential safe health care practices to be followed during childbirth.  The aim of the checklist is to decrease the mortality of mother and child. This can be done by preventing medical conditions like severe infections, postpartum hemorrhage, childbirth-related stillbirths, hypertensive disorders, obstructed labor, birth asphyxia, and complications of prematurity.

Apart from this, there are many hospitals in Sikar, many of which serve the people round the clock.

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