Economy of Sikar

The elementary base of economy of Sikar is agriculture. Bajra or pearl millet and gram or chickpea are the major crops of Sikar. Copper and Iron-ore are found in a significant quantity here.
The Agricultural Research Station of Sikar is located in Fatehpur, Shekhawati -332301. Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Nagaur and parts of Churu fall under Agro climatic zone or NARP. An average of 364mm of rainfall occurs in Sikar during the months June to September or the South-West monsoon. Normally, onset of rainfall is in the last week of June and cessation is in the last week of September.
Economy of Sikar

Distribution of Area of Sikar

The geographical area of Sikar is 774 ha (ha is equal to 10,000m2). Out of this, 531.3ha comes under cultivable area, 61.08ha is forest area, 33.93ha is land under non-agriculture use, 40.64ha is permanent Pasteur, 38.14 is cultivable wasteland, 0.06ha is land under miscellaneous tree crops and groves, 18.24ha is Barren and non cultivable land and 9.21ha is comes under current fallows. 379.7ha belongs to sandy soils which is 49percent of the total area. 394.4ha comes under fertile soils or sandy looms and is 50.9 percent of the total area. 522.3ha is the net sown area, out of which 212.4ha is the area sown more than once. 734.2ha is the gross cropped area. 

Irrigation in Sikar

When it comes to irrigation, the net cultivated area is 610.7ha.  Net irrigated area is 262.6ha. Gross cultivated area is 734.7ha, Gross irrigated area is 266.1ha and Rainfed area is 622.3ha. The major sources of irrigation are open wells and bore wells. There are a total of 45475 wells in Sikar which cover an area of 262.6ha.

Field Crops Grown in Sikar

The field crops grown in Sikar are Bajra, Clusterbean, Cowpea, Moong, Moth, Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Gram. Bajra is grown in an area of 298ha, out of which 98ha is irrigated. Clusterbean is grown in an area of 81ha. Cowpea is grown in an area of 59ha. Moong is grown in an area of 15ha. Moth is grown in an area of 9ha. Wheat is grown in an area of 85ha, all of which is irrigated. Barley is grown in an area of 26ha, all of which is irrigated. Mustard is grown in an area of 80ha, all of which is irrigated. Gram is grown in an area of 38ha, all of which is irrigated. Aonla & Ber and Mango are the horticulture fruits grown in Sikar. Cauliflower, Bringal, Tomato, Radish, and Onion are the horticulture vegetables grown in Sikar. Aloevera, rose and Genda are the medicinal and aromatic crops grown in Sikar. Mehandi and Castor are the Plantation crops grown in Sikar, whereas Lucerne, Bajra, Barley are the fodder crops.

Livestock in Sikar

Among the livestock of Sikar, 196000 are cattle, 58 buffaloes, 880 goats, 237 sheep and 41 are others like camel, pig and yak. The poultry here has a total of 134 birds.
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