Banks in Sikar

Sikar, like any other city of India, has many banks serving the people. These range from Indian banks to foreign banks, private banks to union banks, and national banks to international banks etc. All these banks provide all banking facilities like opening an account, managing the account, locker facility, giving loans, etc.

Banks in Sikar

The information about various bank branches in Sikar is provided below:

Axis Bank Branches in Sikar

There are just two branches of Axis Bank in Sikar, following is the contact information about them:

Axis Bank
- Sikar  
Address: Ground And First Floors
S.R.V Mall, Ward No. 16
Devipura Road, Near City Dispensary No.2
Sikar - 332001
Phone: 01572 - 270971/ 72/ 73/ 74
Fax: 01572 - 270975,
Email: [email protected]   
Axis Bank - Neem Ka Thana
Address: Subhash Mandi
Opp. Shahpura Road, Neem Ka Thana
Sikar – 332713
Phone: 01574-232806/08, 01574-232807

Bank of Baroda Branches in Sikar

There are many branches of Bank of Baroda in Sikar. In case you are interested to open up an account or need to apply for loan, following is a list of them along with contact details:

Bank of Baroda
- Sikar
Address: Devipura Kothi Road
Sikar, Rajasthan – 332001
Phone: 01572-254560   

Bank of Baroda - Fatehpur   
Address: Chauhan Market
Fatehpur Shekawati
District. Sikar – 332301

Bank of Baroda - Khandela
Address: Chota Panagarh
Khandela, Sikar- 332709
Phone: +(91)-1572-260031   

Bank of Baroda - Lachhmangarh
Address: Setho Ka Bazar
Lachhmangarh, Sikar - 332311

Bank of Baroda
Address: Near Islamiya School
Sikar Rajasthan, Sikar - 332001
Phone: +(91)-1572-271295

Bank of Baroda - Salasar Road
Address: Salasar Road
Sikar – 333201

Bank of Baroda - Jaipur Road
Address: Jaipur Road
Sikar - 332001
Phone: +(91)-1572-252497

Bank of Baroda
Address: Station Road
Sikar, Rajasthan-333201
Phone: +(91)-1572-252644, +(91)-1572-244415       

Bank of Baroda - Srimadhopur
Address: Srimadhopur, Sikar - 332715

Bank of Baroda - Tihawali
Address: Tihawali, District.Sikar - 332307

Bank of Baroda - Laxmangarh
Address: Laxmangarh
Sikar, Sikar – 332001

Bank of Baroda - Dabla
Address: Dabla Rajasthan
Sikar - 305626
Phone: +(91)-1572-222322

Bank of Baroda
Address: Rupaheli Kalan
Sikar - 305626
Phone: +(91)-1572-228422

Bank of Baroda
Address: Piprali Branch
Piprali, Sikar - 332027
Phone: 1800223344

Bank of Baroda - Chowkri
Address: Chowkri Branch
Chowkri, Sikar - 332706
Phone: 1800223344

Bank of Baroda - Tihawali
Address: Tihawali Branch
Tihawali, Sikar - 332307
Phone: +(91)-1893-251236, 1800223344

Bank of Baroda
Address: Ranisati Road
Sikar - 332001, Rajasthan
Phone +(91)-1572-253089

Canara Bank Branches in Sikar

There are not many branches of Canara Bank in Sikar. Here are the details about just three branch set-ups in Sikar:

Canara Bank

Address: Fatehpur Road
Sikar 332001
Phone: 01572-153770

Canara Bank - Beswa
Near Water Tank Main Road
Beswa- 332 303 Tehsil - Fatehpur
Sikar, Rajasthan
Phone: 01571-260011

Canara Bank - Shekawati, Fatehpur
Main Road, Near Bajoria
Koteri, Fatehpur Shekawati
Sikar, Rajasthan
Phone: 571-230666

HDFC Bank Branches in Sikar

HDFC Bank is the most widespread bank these days. It has its branches in Sikar also, following are they:

HDFC Bank 
Address: Grah Sangrah
Kalyan Circle, Station Road
Sikar - 332001
Phone: 01572-270567
Fax: 01572-270568

HDFC Bank Ltd
Address: Chouhan Market
Sarawaton Ka Mohalla, Fatehpur
District Sikar - 332301

HDFC Bank Ltd -M. G. Road
Address: M G Road, Sikar
Phone: 01572-254405

HDFC Bank Ltd - Subhasah Chowk
Address: Subhasah Chowk Sikar
Phone: 01572-254448

ICICI Bank Branches in Sikar

Want to open up an account in ICICI Bank? Following are the branches of ICICI Bank in Sikar. These branches also provide with loan facility, internet banking and other banking services.

ICICI Bank Ltd.

Address: Jogani Plaza
Kalyan Circle, Sikar - 332001
Phone: 01572-512179, 01572-512231

ICICI Bank - Sikar
Address: Tabela Road
Sikar-332001, Rajasthan
Phone: 01572-324763, 9352824028

ICICI Bank - Neem Ka Thana
Address: Ward 11
Nr Ramsheelamaidan
Neem Ka Thana, Sikar 332713
Phone: 01574-230018, 9351512226

Oriental Bank of Commerce Branches in Sikar

There are just two branches of Oriental Bank of Commerce in Sikar. Following are the details about them:

Oriental Bank of Commerce
Address: Seitho Ka Bazar
Main Market, Laxmangarh
Sikar, Rajasthan
Phone: 01573-225144

Oriental Bank of Commerce
Address: Bupna Market
Station Road, Sikar, Rajasthan  
Phone: 01527-253817

Punjab National Bank Branches in Sikar

There are many branches of Punjab National Bank in Sikar, here's the information about them:

Punjab National Bank
Address: Kotwali Road
Sikar, Rajasthan - 332001  
Phone: 01572-256136, 252519 (Budhram Verma)

Punjab National Bank - Juliasar Districtt Sikar
Address: Anjani Mata Road
Dabbali Dharamsala Juliasar
District Sikar
Rajasthan 332318
Phone: 9413647757 (Gopal Sharma)

Punjab National Bank - Krashi Upaj Mandi Samiti

Address: District. Sikar
Rajasthan - 332001
Phone:01572-245454 (Birju Singh)

Punjab National Bank - Khatu Shyamji Districtt Sikar
Address: Main Bus Stand
Khatu Shyam Ji District
Sikar, Rajasthan 304947
Phone: 01576-230857 (Shyam Singh Shekhawat)

Punjab National Bank - Kotwali Road
Address: Kotwali Road
Sikar, Rajasthan- 332001
Phone: 01572-256136, 252519

Punjab National Bank - Cheeplata
Address: District Sikar
Phone: 01574-273401 (Bhinwa Ram Atal)

Punjab National Bank - Nechhwa
Address: District Sikar
Rajasthan 332026
Phone: 01570-220225 (Birju Singh)

Punjab National Bank - Raghunath Garh
Address: District Sikar
Phone: 01572-284418 (Raj Kumar Dadheech)

Punjab National Bank - Ganedi
Address: Bo Ganeri
Tehsil: Laxmangarh District
Sikar, Rajasthan 332029
Phone: 01570-220288 (D C Jain)

Punjab National Bank - Palsana
Address: Tehsil Data Ramgarh
District Sikar
Rajasthan 332402
Phone: 01576-225028 (Raj Kumar Dadheech)

Punjab National Bank - Losal
Address: Main Market District
Sikar Rajasthan 332025
Phone: 01577-220325 (Banwari Lal Meena)

Punjab National Bank - Fatehpur Shekhawati
Address: Sikariachouraha
District. Sikar Rajasthan 332301
Phone: 01571-512040 (M M Khan)

Punjab National Bank - Bawri
Address: Tehshil Srimadhopur
District Sikar, Rajasthan 332411
Phone: 01575-248431 (Kanhaiya Lal Meena)

Punjab National Bank - Ajitgarh
Address: Ajeetgarh District Sikar
Rajasthan 332701
Phone: 01575-222039 (Jugal Kishore Agarwal)

Punjab National Bank - Hardas Ka Bas
Address: Via Ajeetgarh
District Sikar, Rajasthan 332707
Phone: 01575-241305 (S P Meena)

Punjab National Bank - Toda
Address: District Sikar Rajasthan
Phone: 01574-284223 (Murli Dar Meena)

Punjab National Bank - Beedasar
Address: District Sikar Rajasthan
Phone: 01573-285228 (Harshai Lal Meena)

Punjab National Bank - Ranoli
Address: District Sikar Rajasthan
Phone: 01576-220344 (Banwari Lal Meena)

Punjab National Bank - Badalwas

Address: Badalwas
Via Khud Road
District Sikar, Rajasthan
Phone: 01572-262047 (D D Tailor)

Punjab National Bank - Raseedpura
Address: Raseedpura District
Sikar Rajasthan 332313
Phone: 01572-228022 (Pala Ram Sarowa)

Punjab National Bank - Piprali
Address: Piprali District Sikar
Rajasthan 332027
Phone: 01572-226015 (Jagdish Narain Raigar)

Punjab National Bank - Reengus
Address: Reengus, District Sikar
Rajasthan 332404
Phone: 01575-224221 (D L Meena)

Punjab National Bank - Kanwat
Address: Kanwat
District Sikar Rajasthan 332708
Phone: 01575-233327 (Budhram Verma)

Punjab National Bank - Kheerwa
Address: Kheerwa, District Sikar
Phone: 01573-286011 (Ganpat Lal Meena)

Punjab National Bank - Neem Ka Thana
Address: Neem Ka Thana
District Sikar, Rajasthan
Phone: 01574-230075 (S B Sokhwal)

Punjab National Bank (Punjab National Bank)
Address: Kotwali Road
Jatiya Bazar
Sikar Rajasthan 332001

State Bank of India Branches in Sikar

Presenting a list of State Bank of India branches in Sikar along with their contact details:

State Bank of India - Sikar  
Address: Station Road
District Sikar, Rajasthan 332001   
Phone: 303566, 01572-253416

State Bank of India - Neem Ka Thana   
Address: Jindal Complex
Subhash Mandi,
District Sikar, Rajasthan 332713
Phone: 01574-231880, 231881

State Bank of India - Srimadhopur
Address: District Sikar, Rajasthan
Phone: 9950999296

State Bank of India - Palsana
Address: Laxmi Market Palsana
Tehsil Reengus
District Sikar, Rajasthan 332402
Phone: 9950999222

State Bank of India - Fatehpur
Address: Block Fatehpur
Tehsil Fatehpur District Sikar
Phone: 9414390580

State Bank of India - Reengus
Address: District Sikar, Rajasthan 332404
Phone: 340476 01575-224904   

Bank Of Rajasthan
Address: Tabela Road Sikar - 332001
Phone: 01572-324763
Email: [email protected]

Uco Bank Branches in Sikar

Uco Bank has just two of its branches in Sikar, following are the contact details about them:

Uco Bank   

Address: Ucobank, Sikar Branch
Subhas Chowk, Sikar (Rajasthan)
Pin - 332001   
Phone: 01572-253846

Uco Bank - Ghantaghar
Address: Shri Krishna Satsang Bhawan
Nr Ghantaghar, Sikar
Phone: 01572-256486

Union Bank Branches in Sikar

There are two branches of Union Bank in Sikar, contact details of which are mentioned as under:

Union Bank Of India (UBI)
Address: Ashok Vihar
Rani Sati Road, Sikar, District. Sikar
Rajasthan - 332001
Phone: 01572 - 240444
Email: [email protected]

Union Bank Of India (UBI) - Sri Madhopur
Address: Opp. Dhayal Hospital
Tehsil Sri Madhopur
Sikar – 332404
Phone: 9783801625

Rajasthan State Co-Operative Bank in Sikar 

Following is a list of Rajasthan State Co-Operative Bank in Sikar. The bank helps the rural people get loans. It offers all the other services like creating and managing account, locker facility, etc.

Rajasthan State Coop Bank 
Address: Near City Dispensary   
Near Tapariya Bageechi
Phone: 01572-254130, 01572-253780

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Shri Madhopur 
Address: Opposite Railway Station
Shri Madhopur-332715
Phone: 01575-250073

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Neem Ka Thana  
Address: Ramlila Maidan
Neem Ka Thana
Dist. Sikar - 332713
Phone: 01574-230066

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Danta  
Address: Gopal Gaushala Market
Phone: 01577-272344

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Fatehpur  
Address: Near Sabji Mandi
Dist. Sikar -332301
Phone: 01571-230024

Rajasthan State Coop Bank- Laxmangarh  
Address: Chopad Bazar
Dist. Sikar - 332311
Phone: 01573-222256

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Khandela 
Address: Near Old Police Thana
Dist. Sikar - 332709
Phone: 260024

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Ranoli  
Address: Main Bazar, Ranoli
Dist. Sikar - 332403
Phone: 01576-220330

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Dhod  
Address: Sarwadi Road, Dhod
Dist. Sikar - 332022
Phone: 01572-236043

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Reengus 
Address: Bhairooji Road, Reengus
Dist. Sikar - 332404
Phone: 01575-224246

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Nechhawa
Address: Opposite Govt. Hospital
Dist. Sikar - 332026
Phone: 01570-220223

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Ajeetgarh  
Address: New Market
Dist. Sikar - 332701
Phone: 01575-222047

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Kanwat  
Address: Bus Stand, Kanwat
Dist. Sikar -332708
Phone: 01575-233331

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Palsana  
Address: Bus Stand, Palsana
Dist. Sikar - 332402
Phone: 01576-225038

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Losal  
Address: Near Bus Stand, Losal
Dist. Sikar - 332025
Phone: 01577-220350

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Khatu Shyamji  
Address: Opposite Hpcl Petrol Pump
Khatu Shyamji
Dist. Sikar - 332602
Phone: 01576-230417

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Sikar  
Address: Basant Vihar
Phone: 01572-251203, 9784590133

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Toda  
Address: Barala Mod
Kotputli Road, Toda
Dist. Sikar - 332705
Phone: 9784590162

Rajasthan State Coop Bank - Samarthpura  
Address: Near Govt.Upper Primary School
Samarthpura, Piprali Road
Phone: 01572-255273

Apart from this there are many banks that have just one branch in Sikar, respectively:

Central Bank Of India
Address: Ashok Vihar
Rani Sati Road, Sikar
Phone: (01572) 253746

Dena Bank   
Address: Trupati Complex
Tpaadiya Bageechi Bajaj Road
Phone: 01572-253790
Website: [email protected]

State Bank of Bikaner And Jaipur 
Address: Near Panchayat Samiti
Bhog Bhawan, Sikar - 332001
Phone: Branch Manager, 01572-250167, 9413397341

Yes Bank Ltd
Address: Plot No-111
Subhash Mandi, Nimkathana
Sikar – 332713
Phone: 18002000

Syndicate Bank
Address: Near Taparia Bagichi
Sikar - 332001   
Phone: 01572-271140, 9413347504
Allahabad Bank   
Address: Trihan Bhawan
Station Road, Sikar, Rajasthan
Phone: 01572-256659
Bank Of Maharashtra 

Address: 1st Floor, Opp. Collector Office
Court Road, N.H. 11, District. Sikar
Phone:  01572-242666
IDBI Bank   
Address: IDBI Bank Ltd
Near Fagalwa Petrol Pump
Haveli & Nohra, Ward No 3
Station Road, Sikar 332001
Phone: 9928020396 (Vineet Shah)
Indian Overseas Bank (Iob)
Address: Ward No 15
Shastri Nagar Rani Sati Road
Sikar, Pin Code 332001
Phone: 01572-245529
Corporation Bank
Address: Opp. Districtrict Court
Above Milan Restaurant Court
Sikar (Rajasthan) - 332001   
Phone: 01572-270090
Kotak Mahindra Bank
Address: Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd
Shagun Hall, In Front Of Mining Office
Jhunjhunu-Jaipur by-pass road
Sikar- 332001
Phone: 180022602

Bank of Rajasthan
Address: Tabela Road
Sikar - 332001
Phone: 01572-324763
Email: [email protected]

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